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Our professional-focused environment strives to fulfill all
the needs of international and local businesses alike with
the utmost discretion and style.

Taking into account both the intrinsic and complementary
aspects of a complex business lifestyle, our array of
designer conference rooms and meeting spaces is in the
immediate vicinity of the hotel restaurant, ready to provide
a much needed break or team-building opportunity.

Our goal is to create an environment where businesses
can thrive in a focused yet relaxed way.

Conference Area

The first section of the hotel’s events and meetings area
house the spacious hallways linking intermediate lobby
areas that provide access to generous and ergonomic
soundproof conference rooms.

Brainstorming in a meeting, preparing for one or just
taking a well-earned break in the adjacent restaurant,
this environment was designed to contribute to the
creative and innovative process of true business.


High Class Meeting Room 

This is where the essence of what we believe to be serious and
stylish professionalism took form.

Soundproof glass walls enclose an American Walnut hardwood
frame table with a tempered glass table-top, which effortlessly
cradles twelve high-end designer executive chairs.

This truly is an environment that reverberates power and
determination in a non-imposing and utmost subtle way.